General Contracting


Specializing in the construction of architecturally designed custom homes, Vista Coastal Builders offers a full-service experience. Our general contracting and construction management service includes all aspects of new builds, renovations, construction, and maintenance projects. Whether you’re an architect or homeowner, Vista Coastal Builders works with you to build a custom home that meets your specific project needs and desires, starting from the ground up.

To bring your custom home to life and provide the best product, we focus on 1-2 major projects at a time, allowing for the utmost attention to detail for your build. We provide clients with flexible scheduling, cost efficiency, and high-quality results by utilizing our many in-house resources at Vista Coastal Builders.

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Vista Coastal Builders’ general contracting and construction management services encompass three key phases to complete your custom home project with the highest quality. Services are offered in the initial planning phase, pre-construction phase, and final construction phase. We work closely with you to carefully outline your project’s vision, and manage every step of the construction process to ensure your custom home is properly executed with precision.


The planning phase is critical to ensure your custom home is built successfully, as it provides the proper foundation for the project’s design, budget, timeline, and construction. Our construction management services start with continuous communication with clients to go over project details, any unique requirements and to set expectations. To ensure quality, we invite our clients to collaborate with our team, sub-trades, consultants, and inspectors to ensure the construction process runs smoothly and is consistent with your vision.


During the pre-construction phase, we conduct various activities to ensure the project is appropriately managed, detailed, and prepared for construction. Our services provide you with modeling, construction detailing, procurement of sub-trade contractors, and cost estimations. By utilizing 3D modeling and 2D drafting technologies, detailed and accurate drawings are created in conjunction with architects and engineers to aid in identifying potential challenges before heading into the construction phase.


The construction phase is where you see your custom home come to life. Throughout this phase, we closely monitor the project’s progress to ensure the budget and schedule align with your expectations. Construction is performed with our highly skilled and experienced in-house crew, preferred sub-trades, and our shop to execute every aspect of the build from start to finish. Our crew provides carpentry and custom fabrication services, including doors, windows, furniture, millwork, and other timber components, to ensure your home is built to the highest quality standards and includes those unique finishing touches. Upon completion our team will continue to work closely with you to guarantee a seamless and comfortable hand-over.

For the development of your high-end custom home, Vista Coastal Builders provides you with a personalized experience making sure your home fits your specific needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Working alongside our passionate team, you have the most flexibility to make cost-effective and timely schedule changes throughout the entire project.

Take advantage of Vista Coastal Builders’ general contracting and construction management services. We provide you with expertise in personalized design options, quality workmanship, and a commitment to bringing your custom home vision to life.