Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Choose VCB?

A: Vista Coastal Builders is unique because we take on a small number of projects at a time. We are singularly focused on the perfect outcome of our projects, so we endeavour to service as much of the project as possible. It would be our crews working on the foundation of your home, and it would also be a Vista Coastal team member installing finish carpentry, fabricating your millwork, or even building your furniture.

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Q: Do we offer design-build services?

A: Yes. Our in-house process includes design-build services for clients who require them. Our in-house drafting team and our years of experience and connections in the industry allow us to provide complete design services for our clients, including preconstruction, permitting, construction, and handover.

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Q: Does VCB have a preferred sub-trade group?

A: We have long-term partnerships with tradespeople, architects, engineers, designers, and officials. We prefer working with these partners for new projects. However, we’re open to meeting with tradespeople a client already has a relationship with.

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Q: How much does it cost to build a home?

A:  For new builds, our go-to number for these early cost questions, when no info is given, is $900 per square foot, although we have done builds for much more and much less. For full-overhaul style renovations, assuming minor, but not total, site work and foundation work, the “no info” number is $600+ per square foot. Still, it can sometimes exceed the cost of a new home based on conditions related to the renovation. Without excavation and foundation work, the price per square foot could start around $400-$450 per square foot. Contact Us so that we can provide more personalised information on costs of your project.

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Q: Is a full-scale renovation more or less expensive than a new build?

A: There are many factors to consider that impact the cost of renovations and new builds. The reason why someone would choose to do a renovation instead of a new build include:

  • Current bylaws and setbacks would require an unrealistic compromise on the new building’s square footage, design or layout.
  • An emotional attachment to the current home and wanting to preserve parts of it or maintain its character. 
  • Wanting to grandfather in certain parts of the home that are no longer permitted by the current building code or municipality.
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