Does Vista Coastal Builders Have Preferred Sub-trade Group?

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Does Vista Coastal Builders Have Preferred Sub-trade Group?

When working on the kinds of builds we specialize in, we must operate with tradespeople familiar with our process and the kind of product we strive for. We are fortunate to work in an area with numerous architecturally relevant homes. This attracts high-end talent and tradespeople who can focus on the high-end custom home niche. 

There is an abundance of skilled tradespeople in the Lower Mainland and Sea to Sky regions. We have worked with some of our long-term partners for over 20 years. In that time, we have developed a working relationship that provides excellent value to our clients. These relationships aren’t limited to the tradespeople who work on the site. This extends to architects, interior designers, structural engineers, building envelope engineers, geotechs and building officials. The list goes on. All our partners know the kinds of projects we take on, our commitment to quality and our dedication to our clients.

For this reason, we certainly prefer to work with our usual partners for all new work. That said, if there is an existing relationship between a client and a trade, we are open to meeting with them to ensure a good fit. Sometimes, when working in more remote locations, like the Gulf Islands or even the Sunshine Coast, working with tradespeople outside our preferred list is prudent and the best way to ensure top value for our clients. 

If you would like to discuss our preferred trades list for any reason, please give me a call or schedule a time that you would like me to call you. I am always happy to refer our fantastic partners or discuss their work. Whatever I can do to help.  

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