Do We Offer Design-Build Services? 

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Do We Offer Design-Build Services?

The quick answer to this question is yes. At Vista Coastal Builders, we have spent the last 10 years developing and refining our in-house processes to help potential clients realize their designs and ideas. Developing this branch of our services has been a wonderful undertaking. It has proven to be extra valuable, as these processes are similar to the operations we use for collaborating with architects, designers and engineers.  

Design-Build typically means the contractor works with the homeowner to develop their specific design under a single contract from the beginning of the process. Thanks to our in-house drafting team and many years of experience and connections, we are uniquely situated to provide a full design service for clients, including pre-construction, permitting, construction and handover. As you may know, we have worked on designs provided exclusively by architects or designers, but we have also executed builds where the homeowners are the primary designers. This is especially common with renovations. Depending on your priorities and desires, a design-build project may be right for you, or it may be best to start this way before approaching an architect.  We have worked with many talented local architects and designers. After some consultation with you and learning of your vision for your home, we can recommend other collaborators, like architects and designers, who would be a good fit for you and your project.

We are experienced in many different architectural styles. Whether you envision modern, contemporary, traditional, transitional, craftsman, timber frame or something that cannot be readily defined, we can help you take your ideas to a fully realized home design. We will use our drafting software to create a model of the build while simultaneously creating the project budget and schedule.  The model and drawings can be used to work with the project engineers (and architect, if or when required). There is great value in this part of the process for the homeowners. In my article linked here, you can learn more about the value of buy-in during the pre-construction process.

If you have a vision for your home and would like to discuss your project with Vista Coastal Builders, we are happy to help. The key on our end is determining the fit between the client, Vista Coastal Builders, and other potential collaborators. The typical project we specialize in is incredibly involved. We are extremely confident in our ability to execute any design and manage any deliverables, we are equally confident in our ability to guide a client through the processes noted above. We can also manage all facets regarding the communication and facilitation of the design process, allowing our clients to remain focused on the most important thing: their ultimate vision of their home.  If you would like to discuss your project with me, please give me a call or schedule a time when you would like me to call you. 

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