The Value of Client Buy-In During the Pre-Construction Phase

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The Value of Client Buy-In During the Pre-Construction Phase

Whether you are planning a renovation, addition or new build, client buy-in during the pre-construction phase is critical. Simply put, if the pre-construction phase is done correctly, then the builder can lock in pricing and scheduling from sub-trades, drastically minimize contingency costs (especially for new builds) and build a procurement schedule to eliminate delays throughout the lifespan of construction.

Pre-construction includes working through and finalizing all design elements, obtaining all necessary permits, and selecting all specifications (finishes, fixtures, equipment, etc.) and any landscape design. This is also when the homeowners can line up their course of construction insurance. Finalizing all required plans, namely architectural and engineering, is paramount to facilitating a smooth construction course. 

During the pre-construction phase, a survey will also be done. If you are working with an architect, this will be required for their site plan anyway. Any geotechnical analysis required by the engineer will also be conducted during this phase. Vista Coastal Builders will also begin modelling your project, which we use for our construction detailing, estimating and keeping our crews humming. During the modelling work, we often find situations that need to be adjusted for construction. This is called clash detection, and sorting these situations out before a carpenter or other tradesperson runs into them during construction is HUGE in protecting the schedule and budget.

This can be a little more challenging for a renovation as we have experienced that some clients need to see the renovation begin to take shape to make some of these decisions.  This is understandable, but it is important that if executing a schedule is important to you, you complete as much of the pre-construction decision-making as possible. Vista Coastal Builders will note any client-driven decisions that need to be made during the construction phase and provide a schedule for when these decisions must be made to protect the schedule. I will stress again that it is crucial that as much decision-making as possible is completed before the start of construction. As builders, having all the information is essential in carrying out a budget and schedule. Unknowns put those deliverables at risk.

If you would like to know more about the pre-construction process or would like us to provide you with a sample checklist, please contact me any time or set up a time here to have me call you. As a project manager, I love sinking my teeth into this part of the project. It is the best investment a homeowner can make, and when done correctly, it sets up any project for great success. 

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