What Makes Vista Coastal Builders Unique

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What Makes Vista Coastal Builders Unique from Other Local High-End Custom Home Builders?

Let me start this one off by saying there is a plethora of excellent custom home builders in our service area. Vancouver, the North Shore and the Sea to Sky region are incredible markets for high-end custom home builds, and as a result these areas have attracted some incredible talent. Whether it be on the design side, craftsmanship side or construction management side, there are many companies that could be a fit for you. If, for whatever reason, it is determined that Vista Coastal is not the best for your project, we will happily recommend a firm that we think would be able to provide the service you need.

Vista Coastal Builders is unique in the fact that we take on a small number of projects at a time. We are singularly focused on the perfect outcome of our projects, which is why we endeavor to service as much of the project as possible. It would be our crews working on the foundation of your home, and it would also be a Vista Coastal team member installing finish carpentry, fabricating your millwork, or potentially even building your furniture. We absolutely immerse ourselves in the design and details of our projects. This kind of service and involvement makes it impossible to service a large number of projects at once, as the talent available to service the kind of projects we specialize in is finite. Instead, we focus on a small number of builds at any given time and dedicate our full suite of in-house talent and facilities to those projects. While this may seem growth-adverse on our end, we have found that it has allowed us to work with clients that are fully dedicated to the design and execution of their homes and fully appreciate the level of service we can provide. Simply put, the niche we service requires a top-end service and attention, and we put everything into servicing this niche.  

I believe our ability to offer a fully customizable build in-house is unmatched in this market. If you have an idea, a member of the Vista Coastal Builders team can execute it all the way through. Whether it be some structural feat of ingenuity, complex finish, hanging art, or a fabricating a piece of furniture that is wholly custom and unique to your home. There is no limit to the possibilities. This is a mindset and a core value within Vista Coastal Builders that every member of our team exudes and takes pride in. 

When working on projects in the price range cost that we specialize in, we understand it is also crucial to provide a level of service that is immaculate (need better word!). We endeavor to be the “Michelin Star” rated builders in our service area.  We are happy to help our clients with anything that might come up during our relationship, whether it is construction related, or otherwise. We pride ourselves in offering a high-end and personal experience throughout the relationship before, during and after the project life. With builds as involved as the ones we specialize in, there is no other way. 

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