What Does it Normally Cost to Build the Kind of Home Vista Coastal Specializes In?

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What Does it Normally Cost to Build the Kind of Home Vista Coastal Specializes In?

For a good reason, this is the most popular question we get asked. It is only possible to answer accurately with detailed information, as custom home building has the full spectrum of clients, build sizes and designs. However, to give potential clients an idea of the cost of building the kind of homes we build and in the areas we service, I will give some ballpark numbers to establish whether Vista Coastal Builders is a good fit for you. For new builds, our go-to number for these early cost questions (when no info is given) is $900 per square foot, although we have done builds for much more and much less. For full-overhaul style renovations (assuming minor, but not total, site work and foundation work), the “no info” number is $600+ per square foot. Still, it can sometimes exceed the cost of a new home based on conditions related to the renovation. Without excavation and foundation work, the cost per square foot could start around $400-$450 per square foot. I would like to reiterate here that these are very general numbers based on the kinds of projects we specialize in. I encourage you to contact us and provide information specific to your project so that we can supply accurate information. You can also see our blog here to learn more about what to consider when deciding between a renovation and a new build.

Of course, the actual cost per square foot will come down to a myriad of factors, including lot location, lot slope, lot location (access) and conditions (blasting?), size and type of foundation (conventional, ICF etc.), amount of exposed concrete, framing method (conventional, timber frame, steel structure etc.), type of roof (truss, hand cut, flat etc.), the amount and type of glazing (curtain walls, custom wood windows, glass guardrails etc.), types of finishes, cost of fixtures (plumbing and lighting), outdoor areas including pools and hot tubs, lifts/elevators……the list is seemingly endless. The good news is that it is not ACTUALLY endless and Vista Coastal Builders is experienced in the task of compiling everything related to your project and providing an accurate budget (assuming design is complete, of course) for your build. You can read more about how we estimate here.

The types of homes we specialize in are very high end. We have built within our business the capacity to build, as far as we can tell, anything you can possibly design, including doors, windows, millwork and furniture. We have the capability to fully execute any detail so that your design is realized to its fullest extent. These kinds of projects require top of the line products (such as coatings, building envelope material, etc.) at every stage of the project to ensure the performance of the building matches the quality of the build. This complete dedication to execution and detail, along with the high end products and finishes customary to a high-end custom home, comes at a price. If your vision (be it yours or a collaboration with an architect) and design execution is of the highest priority, we would love to hear from you. The information in this post is intended to provide a ballpark idea of what building some of these homes can cost. Your project may well be much less, or much more, based on the design and specifications of your home. If you have any questions about your specific project and would like to discuss potential costs, please give me a call  or book a time for me to call you (link to scheduler/call to action), and I will be happy to help.

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