Specializing in the construction of architecturally designed custom homes, Vista Coastal Builders offers in-house modeling and drafting services to complement the building and design processes of your project. This specialized service includes continuous 3D modeling and technical drafting techniques throughout the project’s entirety.

We deliver 3D models to aid with concepts and visualization. We provide complete drawing sets and shop drawings that outline important construction details and specifications. Our service also gives you full access to all derived drawings at any time which will allow you and the team the ability to optimize the construction process. This service allows you to make cost-effective decisions quickly throughout each construction phase.

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The purpose of modeling and drafting aids us in the visualization and comprehension of your custom home project. Enhancing collaboration with clients, architects, designers, consultants, inspectors, and construction teams, it is a key tool used to formulate and execute construction plans and details. It enhances accuracy and predicts if there are any issues to address before moving on to the next phase.

Our clash detection technique allows the construction team, designers, architects, and consultants to avoid design issues before it happens onsite, reducing the risk of errors and misunderstandings. In addition, modeling and drafting is a cost-effective strategy that will ensure you’re ordering the right amount of supplies for each construction phase.


The 3D modeling and drafting service is performed in-house by Vista Coastal Builders’ team of professionals. Members of our team are trained in drafting and modeling to provide you with a visual representation of your custom home project. With our expertise, our technical shop drawing experience will save time and minimize labor. Our service is a cost-effective process to effectively collaborate with clients, architects, designers, consultants, and engineers and allows for faster decision-making.

To start the modeling and drafting process, technical drawings are created and supplied by the architect, structural engineer, and/or interior designer. Once the drawings are completed, a 3D model is generated. 3D models provide the team with a visualization of the project and aid in analysis and testing.

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From the model, plans are traced and details are modeled as the custom home would be built. This is where we analyze if there are any potential cost savings when considering quantities of materials. Once the modeling process is completed, the construction team uses this as their outline to start building your custom home.

From the initial conception of your custom home idea to the finished product, Vista Coastal Builders works closely with you, the architects, designers, consultants, inspectors, and construction teams, to ensure a smooth progression through each construction phase of your exciting new project. Our 3D modeling and drafting service is an essential part of the success of your build, enabling efficient and effective design strategies throughout the entire construction process.

Take advantage of Vista Coastal Builders’ in-house modeling and drafting services. We provide you with expertise in personalized design options, quality workmanship, and a commitment to bringing your custom home vision to life.