The value of a builder with in-house shop capabilities

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Awe inspiring custom built homes do not get their ‘wow’ factor from spec or off the shelf products and materials. An architecturally designed high-end home requires many custom elements, not only for aesthetic, but for engineering purposes as well. These custom elements are what make a custom home unique.

Builders and stakeholders can run into many road blocks when designing, sourcing and acquiring these elements. In today’s market manufacturers are often backed up due to volume and supply chain issues. These issues can drive up the cost of materials and can create project delays.  Manufacturers can be located across the country, North America, or globally, and have no insight or stake in the build, thus missing out on that extra bit of detail or being unable to fulfill schedule requirements.  Sometimes, these custom fabricated elements require further customization on site and can cause further logistical delays by sending materials back to be reworked.  This process does work, but it is expensive and time consuming.

Vista Coastal Builders is capable of manufacturing many of these special custom pieces in house. Our master carpenters paired with high end equipment and technology make this process viable. We hand pick every piece of B.C. sourced timber and build these pieces to the highest standard.  Our shop is made available to Vista Coastal projects exclusively so that every piece is turned around efficiently and with precision.  Being local means our carpenters and foremen onsite are in constant communication with the fabrication shop to ensure every detail is perfect, from concept to installation. The result is truly a bespoke product.  Our custom wood shop allows us to serve and meet the demands of the architects and homeowners, while keeping project costs competitive and deliverables on-time.


Our custom wood shop located in Squamish and conveniently services our projects in West Vancouver, Whistler and the Sunshine Coast. Our experienced team of talented carpenters turn timber into art.  The shop is capable of producing wood framed windows, custom doors, custom cabinets, mouldings and structural pieces, among other things. Contact us today to learn more about the Vista Coastal process and everything we have to offer. Vista Coastal Builders is a high-end custom home builder servicing The Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, The Sunshine Coast, Whistler, and all surrounding areas.  Paying close attention to every little detail, Vista Coastal Builders specializes in constructing  high-end renovations and architecturally designed luxury homes. 



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